• Microspazio - Photo by I. Consalez
  • Lars Bergstrom - Mats Bigert
  • Contemporary art
  • Enrica Borghi's contemporary art
  • Lars Bergstrom - Mats Bigert - Contemporary art
  • When recycling becomes art - Enrica Borghi
  • Lars Bergstrom - Mats Bigert
  • Contemporary art
  • Art work by Enrica Borghi
  • Microspazio - Photo by Roberto De Nisi
  • Microclima - Photo by I. Consalez
  • Chandelier
  • Blumer - Endstart photo

Contemporary art and culture

Asilo Bianco organises several events connected to contemporary art and culture; the most important are Studi Aperti, a multidisciplinary festival, the Futura meeting, and Corto e Fieno, a rural film festival.

Studi Aperti, born in 2005, welcomes hundreds of artists and dozens of exhibition spaces, focusing on the different forms of contemporary art: architecture, music, literature, video, photography, and new technologies.

Futura welcomes the leading lights of science, medicine, technology and art, providing them with a space for open and public discussion of internationally relevant topics.

Corto e Fieno is a festival dedicated to rural film making and is divided up in three sections: Cinema Acerbo, Frutteto and La Mietitura. The goal is promoting the recovery of the tradition of the land from a modern point of view.