• Villa Nigra, Miasino
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  • Monte Rosa Massif seen from Ameno
  • Pastures in the green heart between the two lakes
  • 1645 well
  • Villa Nigra's fresco, in Miasino
  • Villa Obicini
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  • View
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  • Green heart between the two lakes
  • Saint Thomas
  • Villa Nigra, Miasino


The area called "Cuore Verde tra Due Laghi" (Green Heart between the Two Lakes) is the hilly land west of Lake Maggiore and east of Lake Orta; it goes northward up to the Mottarone promontory and slopes down to the last hills near Briga Novarese.

The towns linked by this cultural network are placed around a vast wooded area, with the Alto Vergante on the east and the Cusio Orientale on the west; they are connected to each other by provincial roads, which constitute the borders of  the "Cuore Verde" woods. These places look over the lakes of Piedmont and offer tremendous views and rich natural as well as historical-artistic itineraries.

The "Cuore Verde tra due Laghi" is just a few hours drive from Milan, Turin and Switzerland.